Kids Giant Inflatable Bowling Set


INCREASE AGILITY, FITNESS AND HAND-EYE COORDINATION – The kids giant bowling game set is a fun and easy to play game that kids will love. It also increases agility, fitness, and helps children develop hand-eye coordination as they learn to direct the ball to try to knock down the pins.
INDOOR OR OUTDOOR GAME SET- Because this entire oversized bowling set is inflatable, it can be played indoors and outdoors and won’t damage furniture or walls. This is the perfect game for the backyard, lawn, park, beach, or even inside on a rainy day.
FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS – This jumbo size inflatable bowling set can be played by anyone 3 and up – children or adults and is easy to set up and begin playing. Since the pins are 22″ tall, you can’t miss a strike, regardless of your athletic or playing ability, making this a great game for the entire family!
PRODUCT DETAILS – Set includes 6 inflatable bowling pins measuring 22″ tall, and one inflatable bowling ball measuring 14.75″ in diameter, all made of durable PVC plastic.

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